Stuart's Railway Photography

Updated 8th November 2017

Now including Pole Photography after the purchase of a Pole in the Spring of 2015, rather than go for a Wifi connection between the camera and a viewing device I decided from the start to use a 5 metre wired connection from the camera to my phone with a Canon app which works perfectly and works 100% of the time with no chance of failure unlike Wifi! Wherever a picture has been taken with a pole you will see a (P) symbol on the photo, my initial thoughts on pole photography a few years ago were very negative however my thoughts have now changed and I think it may be one of my best purchases! I have several pictures taken over the last year or so with the pole which will gradually appear in my 'Latest Images' when time allows

Hello and welcome to the home for my collection of Railway Photography, I recently decided to take the plunge and build my own website from scratch to display my growing collection of images, rather than carry on spending countless hours on a site that could disappear without warning, and also to display the content at the highest quality possible.

I have designed this site so that it is simple to navigate and easy to find specific subjects, so inside the 'Collections' link all images can be viewed in class and number order from one page, also on this page is a link to my 'Latest Images' which will have the latest additions to the site. To view this website at its best I recommend that you press the F11 key to remove all toolbars from your page and use the links that are built into each page to navigate your way around.

Being based in the Bristol area a large proportion of the images on display will be from my local area and a fair few locactions will pop up quite regularly and this is something I quite enjoy as firstly its convenient for me! And secondly I want my collection to display a good catalogue of images based around my local area, as even in my short time enjoying photography I have noticed that nothing stays the same for very long in this game and todays run of the mill workings on your own doorstep become tomorrows history and need to be captured sooner rather than later, having said this you will also find plenty of images on this site from around many parts of the UK that I have visited either on day trips or longer breaks away

Each image that is displayed on this site as a bare minimum has a caption containing its working, location and date and more often that not has some extra added info to go with this as I feel it adds to the overall story of the picture

Like the majority of photographers that I know or have met lineside I prefer good lighting on the subject and on the nose if possible! Run of the mill day to day workings in the bad lighting do nothing for me so they are not likely to appear on this site, whereas a rare working or a freight utilising classic traction that is captured in not so perfect light may be displayed for its rareity value.

I am hoping that this site will constantly evolve and that content will be added as and when time allows either in the form of latest additions or working my way through images that need to be added from my old site. Also the general appearance of the site may change as it's very much in its infancy stages (rather like me and understanding HTML!)

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy browsing through the content within!

All material found within this site remains the sole property and Copyright of Stuart Graham and is not to be used in any form without prior consent in writing from myself, for all enquiries and comments relating to this site please use the email facility to contact me and I will be more than happy to help

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